The makeup can boost your self-esteem and highlight the beautiful facial features, but only if you know hot to properly use it. Here are 10 makeup mistakes that make you look older.

If you overdo with face powder or lips drawing, you can easily achieve the opposite effect than the desiredand look at least 5 years older.

Here are 10 makeup mistakes that make you look older, so try and change them on time:

  1. Using powder much darker than your skin color.

2. Applying a thick layer of mascara on lower lashes.

3. You choose a lipstick that does not match your complexion.

4. Applying too dark shadow across the eyelid.

5. Draw the interior of the eyes with black pencil

6. Applying blush or bronzer on the apple cheeks instead on the cheeks

7.Exaggerating by drawing and filling in the eyebrows

8. Forgetting to place concealer on the eye bags

9. Drawing the lips with a pencil which is drastically different than the natural color

10. You are hiding the natural glow of the skin by using too much stone powder

Source : finelivingadvice.com

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