Did you know that apple cedar vinegar is great for treating skin problems such as pimples, age spots, acne and other skin conditions. The vinegar is made by fermenting pressed apple juice until its sugar turns into vinegar. Good quality and unfiltered ACV has the cloudy thing at the bottom of the bottle and that substance has beneficial bacteria and enzymes, pectin and trace minerals which are very good for you. Remember to use only raw vinegar which is unpasteurized and organic.

  • ACV for pimples and acne – just apply it on the pimple/acne area with a cotton bud and leave it for 5 minutes if you use it for the first time and wash with warm water. After your skin gets used to it you can increase the amount of time. The ACV contains malic acid which has great antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties that prevent acne and skin infections. It also unblocks pores allowing the skin to breathe properly, as well as removes excess oil from your skin, helps balance pH levels and balances the sebum allowing your skin to be not too dry, nor too oily.
  • ACV for age spots – soak cotton buds in undiluted ACV and apply on the age spots, leave it for 20-30 minutes and then wash your face with water. You can do this once or twice a day for about 6 weeks. The alpha hydroxyl acids will help to remove dead cells from your skin revealing fresher and healthier complexion underneath.
  • ACV for skin cleaning – make your own face toner, but dilute it with water as it is very acid and can damage your skin. Mix equal proportions of water and vinegar, you can also add green tea, aloe vera or witch hazel. After your skin gets used to it you can increase the ACV concentration, just shake before use. Soak a cotton bud and apply it to your skin to remove the make-up, oil or impurities avoiding contact with eyes. It may sting your pimples if you suffer from a breakout, but it is a tolerable pain. First let it stay for 5 minutes, then after your skin builds up tolerance let it stay longer if you do not have any reactions. It is best to apply it at night. You can use it for your body as well because ACV is great for treating acne on the back. After the treatment you can use a chemical free moisturizer such as coconut or jojoba oil.

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