Lemon can give you super white skin with these 2 ingredients

How to use lemon as face whitening moisturizer

You will need

Half tsp aloe vera gel

Half tsp almond oil

1 tbsp lemon juice

Mix them and use this mixture as face moisturizer in night

How to use lemon as skin whitening mask

You will need

1 tbsp chandan powder

Lemon juice

Mix these two to get a paste like consistency and apply it on clean face and neck

Let it dry

Wash it off

You can use it on every alternate day

How to use lemon as skin whitening exfoliator

For this you will need


Coconut oil

A lemon slice

Take salt in a bowl

Squeeze it lemon juice

Add 1 tsp of lemon juice

Scrub your face with this in gentle way for 203 minutes

Wash it off with cold water

How to use lemon as skin whitening toner

For this you will need

2 tbsp lemon juice

Rose water 2 tbsp

Mix them well

Whenever you wash your face, dip cotton ball in this solution and apply on your face. Follow up with moisturizer

How to use lemon as skin whitening massage cream

For this you will need

Papaya paste – 2 tbsp

Glycerine – half tsp

Half lemon

Take glycerine

Squeeze out lemon juice into this

Now add papaya pulp.

Massage your face witht his for 5 minutes

Let it dry for 5 minutes

Wash it off

Source : healthylifestyleadvice.com

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