The Whole World Has Gone Crazy About This Trick! Do This And Your Entire Face Will Look Different!

One small change in face, and you will look completely different. You should know that eyebrows are the most important parts of aesthetic face. Even the slightest change in shape of the brows can make face looks quite different.


Ideal eyebrow shape is one which the beginning of the eyebrows coincides with width of the nostrils. This is the oldest rule. It has been used for a long period. But, Wayne claims this rule is not good- it does not let manipulate with eyebrows so that you can find the perfect shape that fits face. So, he proposes a different tactic.

According to Wayne you need look at yourself in the mirror. Is your nose too wide, you want it to be thin? You don’t surgery. Just one and only thing you need is a shadow or an eyebrow pencil.

In fact, if eyebrows starting closer to the nose (closer to one another in the middle ) your nose look like a rope. On the other hand, if you want it to look a little wider, then just pluck a few hairs to make a little extra space between the eyebrows. This will have a tremendous impact not only to nose, but also affect appearance of your entire face.

However, before you take tweezers in your hand, it is important to emphasize that this is a very subtle change, and that you need to be precise. Because if you make, even a smallest, mistake you will completely change the look of your face.

But you need to work slowly. Remove hairs one by one, carefully to not be looking completely different from the look that you were aiming for. If you pull out more hairs, all you have to do is rub onions on that spot, because it helps eyebrows grow much faster.

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