Early Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer Woman Don’t Take Serious (Lumps Are Not Only Signs Of Breast Cancer)

With the regular mammography screening, many breast cancers were discovered at an early stage, which means that it helped to many women in US. Although not all the cases with breast cancer are discovered by mammography.

In most of the cases there are not any warning signs until the cancer has developed in advanced stage. That is why women should regularly have mammography screening.

Usually the most common signs of breast cancer are believed to be the change in the look or feel of the breast and the nipple.

So if you experience some of the following warning signs, you should immediately consult with a doctor.

Not all the warning signs should immediately mean that you have cancer, and that is why it is of a big importance to see a doctor, to find the root of that problem.

Like every type of cancer, the chances of survival are significantly higher if you discover it at a very early stage. That is why you should not ignore any of the warning signs that your body is trying to send to you.

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