How Alkaline Water Kills Cancer Cells And How To Prepare It

A lot of research about alkaline water has been done in Japan. It is a good thing, because Japanese are the healthiest people in the world. The world now knows about alkaline water and has gone crazy about it. The craziness is justified because it kills cancer, detoxifies our body and improves our metabolism.

Learn how to make this special water with only 3 ingredients. It will make you healthy. Try making it as soon as you can. You will make yourself healthier.

Let’s first understand the pH value system. It defines the acidity and alkalinity of anything. Any value below 7 is acidic, above 7 is alkaline and exactly 7 is neutral. Rain water is neutral and it is considered absolutely pure.

Human body as a whole does not have a particular pH. This is because each organ is separated and its own pH.

Why is alkaline water good?

80% of our body is made of water. Thus our body is alkaline in nature. Any reduction in pH can cause harm, including diseases.

The kind of diet that we eat today makes our body acidic. It is not difficult to identify an acidic body. There are a lot of symptoms. Constant fatigue, headaches, poor immunity and stomach pain are some of them. So avoid eating fried and processed food. Alcohol, excessive sugary, salty or caffeinated foods also should be avoided.

Just as an acidic body is not good, a body which is too alkaline also is not good. This leads to toxicity of the cells which eventually kills them. This will lead to organ dysfunction and kill them too.

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