How to make powerful ginger oil that can replace pain pills, cough syrup and Pepto-Bismol

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is one of the most powerful home remedies you can use to relieve motion sickness and pain. Therefore, the fact that ginger oil provides whole body benefits doesn’t come as a surprise.

 Ginger oil is extracted from the ginger root, which is a pungent, underground rhizome. Ginger is a perennial herb and it reaches about 3-4 feet height. It has spear-shaped leaves, white/ yellow flowers, and small rhizomes with brown skin. The flesh can be red, white, or yellow.

Ginger has been long used for both culinary and medicinal purpose, especially in ancient Indian, Chinese, and Greek civilizations. A 4th century BC Indian Sanskrit epic called Mahabharata gives an account of a meat dish which uses ginger as an ingredient.

Ginger was exported to the Roman Empire and it became eventually one of the most traded spices, along with black pepper.  Interestingly, a pound of ginger was traded for a sheep.

Ginger is quite versatile and it can be eaten fresh, dried, grated into a vegetable juice, or steeped as a tea. There are many tinctures and supplements available as well as ginger oil, potent oil with numerous uses.

Ginger oil has pungent aroma, thin consistency, and yellow color. Fresh ginger root is the most aromatic ginger oil and it is superior to other variations.

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