Mangosteen Fruit Shown To Kill Breast Cancer Cells Without Causing Harm

The nature gives us plenty of food that can prevent or treat cancer. The same goes for mangosteen.

Mangosteen fruit and cross section showing the thick purple skin and white flesh of the queen of fruits.

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that is predominantly found in Southeast Asia.

Conducted study by the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences’ (UCAS) College of Life Sciences, found that the pericarp of the mangosteen fruit was seen to destroy breast cancer cells effectively and with no side effects.

Mangosteen is grown in Malaysia and Thailand. It is found to have a compound that instigates cell death or apoptosis in cancerous cells in the breasts.

A team of researcher from UCAS conducted their own study where they focused on how alpha-mangostin influences the multi-enzyme protein responsible for catalysing the formation of a long-chain of fatty acids derived from various compounds known as fatty acid synthase (FAS).

The FAS is also usually observed along with the occurrence of breast cancer.

It was proven that the alpha-mangostin in the mangosteen fruit inhibits the FAS, leading to a reduction in the buildup of intracellular fatty acid, and with it instigates apoptosis in human test subject`s breast cancer cells.

A published research in the Molecular Cancer journal stated that the alpha-mangostin was effective in inhibiting FAS expression as well as intracellular FAS activity which led to a reduction in the intracellular fatty acid buildup.

Besides, the alpha-mangostin could raise the levels of the PARP cleavage product, while decreasing cell viability and instigating apoptosis in human breast cancer cells.

The most important part is to choose the right mangosteen, without toxic contaminants.

It is believed that at least one major supplier of dried mangosteen powder to the U.S is laced with a high concentration of brain damaging metal lead as well as cadmium, aluminum, mercury and arsenic. So it is very important to get the right kind to get the real benefits.

Mangosteen is proven to have healthy benefits, however, if not chosen right, it can bring more harm than good.

So make sure you choose the right supplier of Mangosteen, and receive the health benefits you desire.

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