Study Confirms: Just 4 tbs. A Day And The Cancer Is Gone!

Russian scientist Hristo Mermerski has found one of the most effective homemade treatment, which could avoid numerous different illnesses, including cancer.

The next homemade treatment may be the most effective remedy for several types of cancer:

Substances you’ll need:
400 gr fresh walnuts;
400 gr sprouted grains (greenwheat);
1kg natural honey.
12 fresh garlic cloves;
15 fresh lemons;

How to cook the sprouted grains?

Place into a glass bowl.
Add some water inside the jar, enough to address them.
Then, let them relax during the night.
The following morning, drain the grain, clean them with water, and drain
Next, put them in to the jar again and leave them for 24 hours.


Add garlic cloves, the walnuts and sprouted grain into the mill and grind them together.
Then work 5 unpeeled lemons and add them to the mix.
Press the other 10 lemons and add the orange juice into the mix.
Mix well until it’s combined.
Finally, include the honey and make use of a wooden spoon to mix it.
Take a glass jar with a small lid and fill the mixture in-it and put it in a fridge.
Start using the cure after three times.


Teacher Mermerski suggested to eat this treatment half an hour before you go to sleep and half an hour before every food. In the event you have cancer you need to take 1-2 tbsp. every 2 hours.
This homemade treatment can also be efficient and helpful for the whole organism. It’ll:
Increase your metabolism;
Clean your arteries;
Increases the defense mechanisms;
Clean kidneys and your liver;
Increase your storage and enhance brain function;
Avoid a heart attack.

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