The Powerful Cancer-Fighter You Can Grow In Your Front Yard

One of the first two types of cancer that cause death is the colon or colorectal cancer. People try numerous treatments using medicines, as well as chemotherapy, but many people who’ve managed to cure this type of cancer have succeeded doing that with the help of alternative medicine.


Chris Wark of “Chris Beat Cancer” is one of the visible examples. He tries to encourage others who beat cancer without losing their health to the normal cut (surgery), burn (radiation therapy) and poison (chemotherapy) to contribute their success stories to his “Chris Beat Cancer” website.

The best way to beat colon cancer is to prevent it by not indulging in a standard American diet (SAD), exercise moderately, and not stressing over all the stuff of modern life.

But, recently, scientists discovered a particular food that is powerful in preventing colon cancer. It has been proven by in vitro (labcultures) and in vivo (animal or human studies) and that food is purple potatoes.

The Color Purple

Anthocyanins are high in purple potatoes and they go after colon cancer stem cells. Stem cells are the mothers of cells that are like them and it’s very important.

Cancer stem cells are often strengthened and become resistant to orthodox oncology treatments, which leaves them free to create future cancer cells. This is actually the major reason cancer reappears after any declared remissions from chemo or radiation.

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