This Plant KILLS CANCER & STOPS Diabetes

Many people have tried to find a cure for cancer by finding a natural substance that interrupts the odd metabolism of cancer cells.


One Plant against Cancer & Diabetes

One recent research study found a fruit that is effective in killing pancreatic cancer cells, and this beneficial fruit is called bitter melon which can be found in Okinawa, Japan.

It has been proved that if this fruit is diluted to 5%in water it can be extremely efficient in damaging pancreatic cancer cell lines. This juice is considered to reduce the viability of two cancer cell lines by 90% and killed the remaining two lines at a rate of 98%

Nevertheless, there was a doubt whether these effects will be the same in cases of animals and human beings, but it turned out positive. Researchers gave to mice bitter melon doses and discovered that this doses reduce 64% of pancreatic tumor size without any side effects. This dose is same as if you give 6 grams of powder to average size human.

Also other research studies showed that this fruit can offer superb benefits for diabetics too, since it ameliorate metabolic problems by its effects on glucose metabolism

So in case you have cancer or diabetes, first consult with your doctor if you should combine the bitter melon treatment with other beneficial treatments in order to obtain best results in the fight against the disease

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