It is a very sensitive subject speaking about a natural cure for cancer because in order to treat this terrible disease, it needs necessary mandatory counseling with an expert. The full delegation of the natural medicines can be sometimes a dangerous method. People are not aware that cancer is not very hard to kill. It can be done through chemotherapy, radiation, but the difficulty is to kill cancer without killing the patient together with it. This applies to various herbs. There is maybe a plant or a fruit which can kill cancer, but can also kill the patient, too.


According to a recent research, scientists found that cancerous tumors can be destroyed using the drug “EBC-46” obtained from the seeds of the fruit named “Australian blushwood”. This is a rare tree which grows in specific areas in the northern part of Australia. The researchers noticed that the wild animals immediately spit the seeds after they are fed with it, thus it was a sufficient reason to trigger their curiosity, thus decided to investigate what is the reason for that. The outcome was very shocking for them and yet very encouraging.

Source : healthytipsworld.net

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