Why Women In China Don’t Get Breast Cancer

We give you the story of Professor Jane Plant, a geochemistry expert. She is a mother, wife and cancer patient. Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 42.

She was facing an end of her life and career. But, there was nothing in the world that could make her give up. Jane decided to fight the deadly disease, even though her cancer came back for the fourth time.

Jane changed the way she eats and lives. It turned out that these changes actually saved her life. Her dietary regimen saved her, and now Jane wants to share her experience with other women, and raise genera awareness.

Jane’s husband is a renowned scientist. At the time Jane was diagnosed with cancer, he was working in China and did a thorough research based on the incidence of breast cancer in China. He was amazed with the anticancer method Chinese used, and suggested that his wife tried it too.

This method has amazing effect, and now it is available to the entire world. Some find it controversial, but it is women who decide what works best for them.

Here is the story of Jane, a breast-cancer survivor:

My friends and colleagues from China have sent letters, cards, as well as some incredible herbal suppositories, so he brought them to me.

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