8 Tips How To Lose Lower Belly Fat FAST

Lossing belly fat is little difficult,but not impossible.The right diet plan combined with a few exercises may help to lose the stubborn lower belly fat.

Here are 8 tips to follow for losing belly fat.

  1. Lemon juice – Start your day with lemon juice.This is one of the best therapies to eliminate belly fat.Pinch some yellow juice into a glass of a warm water and add a little bit salt.Continue drink this every morning to boost your metabolism.
  2. Relax – Stress causes our body to pump out a hormone called cortisol wich causes us to build and retain a belly fat. If you’ve tried everything and you still can’t lose weight it may be the stress itself that is to blame. Set aside some time each day to do something you love. Think about what makes you happy and go for it.
  3. Salt – Lose the salt. Sodium contributes to water retention,making you look and feel bloated. The daily value suggests no more than 2,400miligrames of sodium each day (about 1 teaspoon) Most of us use salt 3 times more than is recommended.
  1. Spice – spice up your cooking. Use spices like ginger,cinnamon,black pepper in your daily meals.These spices are loaded with health benefits. They help you improve your insulin resistance and reduce levels of sugar in your blood.
  2. Alcohol – say no to alcohol. Limit your alcohol consumption. Alcohol contains empty calories and fat wich gives you a big tummy.Think twice if you want to drink alcohol,what’s more, important your fat stomach or alcohol?
  3.  Avoid eating late – eating late is not a good practice every day. It leads to hurt burn, indigestion and disturbances in sleep as a result of gas. Late eating leads to slow metabolic rate which again helps in building fat in your belly. As a rule,avoid eating anything before you go to sleep. Your dinner must be scheduled at least 3 hours before you go to bed.
  4. Exercise – Exercise is considered as the best way to lose fat in you whole body. There are some cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, running, brisk walking and swimming. These exercise helps to burn belly fat very fast.
  5.  Sugar and Fruit – Avoid any kind of white sugar. Instead of sugar, you could use his substitutes like honey,brown sugar or stevia. Eat fruit for a snack if you want some sweet taste.
These tips are good to start a healthy lifestyle and reducing your body fat, so you could expect good results very quickly.
Just stick with these rules because consistency is the main key to quick results.
8 Tips How To Lose Lower Belly Fat FAST
Source : mums-baby.com

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