By Changing Just One Eating Habit This 420-Pound Man Lost One-Third of His Total Body Weight!

The weight loss process isn’t an easy one, but it’s surely rewarding!

Trying to lose weight isn’t just about exercise, it also requires a drastic change in eating habits.

However, juicing was the right answer to the debilitating weight and chronic health problems of a man from England.

Here Is the Adams’s Story:

Adam Harding-Jones was an 48-year-old man, who gained large weight amounts after his relationship had fallen apart. He was more than 420 pounds.

Namely, this man suffered from fatty liver disease, high cholesterol, kidney failure, high blood pressure, and pre-diabetes. So, he started fearing that his diet habits would leave his 14-year-old daughter an orphan.

He said that he knew he was on a slippery slope. His body was giving him a warning and he was permanently feeling not very well. He had an impending doom.

But, he saw the documentary Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead that chronicled the weight loss journey of Joe Cross.

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