Drill Combination: One Cup From This Drink Every Morning And For A Month You Will Lose Up To 5kg!

The ingredient in this recipe are the prunes which in combination with other foods will do wonders for your line.

The plum is one ingredients that reduces the bad cholesterol, strengthens the bones, reduces the risk of colon cancer and many other benefits. It is mine for human health and also has amazing taste. When it comes to dried plums they, play special role to people who want to lose some weight.

A simple way for using the plums for losing way is the preparation of this cocktail that can replace the breakfast. How to prepare it? Very simple as I said!

Take 6d dried plums and pour 100ml boiled water, cover them and leave them like that soaked for about 10 minutes. At the same time mix two tablespoons of flax seeds and one tablespoon of cocoa. Pour 300ml kefir on the mixture and stir. Chop the plums and add them into the previously prepared mixture and place the drink into the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, drink the drink on an empty stomach.

After a month of consuming this drink, you will notice the loss of pounds. Your skin will be cleaned and you hair and nails will strength.

Source : healthysuggestionsandtips.com

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