This is How You Can Lose Your Weight And Detox Your Body Overnight!

In order to lower their weight, purify the body and make the health of their skin better many people wrap their bodies in household foil or a plastic wrap.


There are many different ways on which you can wrap your body with foil or plastic wrap, and each way has its own different benefits. In this article we are going to present you two ways and on that way you will be able to lower your weight, detox your body and remove cellulite.

Wrapping with honey!

First of all, add some honey in a dish and warm it. After that, you can add 1 egg yolk and a few drops of natural essential oil by your choice (jojoba, orange or lemon oil).

Apply this mixture on the areas you want to threat, such as thighs, arms or midriff and after that wrap yourself solidly with plastic or household foil. At the end, put on some winter garments and spread your body with cover. Stay under the cover for one hour and after that remove the wrap and flush off the blend from your body.

Wrapping with clay!

It is considered that this method is one of the most effective for eliminating cellulite and burning the extra fat from the body. The secret lies in the blue clay which has large amounts of microelements that are very beneficial for our skin. That is the reason why the experts recommend the blue clay for this treatment. All you need to do is to add warm water in smaller amount of blue clay until you get nice paste as cream. Apply the resulting mixture on desired area. Wrap it with foil or plastic wrap and apply on some warm clothes. Hold your wrappings for one hour. You can exercise in order to have the optimal results.

It is recommended to use this treatment two times in a week and the results will surely come. The cellulite and the fat will be removed as well as the stretch marks. While wrapped, your skin will get micro elements which will make your skin more flexible, gently and softer.

Before applying the wrappings on your body, it is recommended to do some body scrub.

The weight loss benefits of the enveloping in household foil or plastic wrap.

If you are implementing some exercises or if you are going to the gym, you should wrap your abdomen in foil or plastic wrap. Additionally, if you normalize your diet you will surely lower your weight within one week. The household foil is inexpensive and very easy to be find in any store.

If you want to, you can wrap your arms, feet and stomach. This method is very helpful for forming your body. During the time the foil makes you sweat, you are losing weight. Also, your skin will be in better condition and your cellulite will be gone.

Warning: if you suffer from some type of cardiovascular disorder, heart ailment, widespread veins or high blood pressure, you should never try these methods of wrapping in foil or plastic wrap!



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