We have recently stumbled upon a bit of advice we consider you will all discover even bothering to say the least and astonishing. An article printed in a Finnish paper that was distributed to physicians and medical students there is no further time to alter the course of military medicine and mind control technologies and we are beginning to lose sight of the future of liberty.

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The processor in question will function like a GPS detector, equipped with a micro-disposable battery which every man must get it replaced every couple of years in a state practice. The information it transmits sent and will be saved to smartphones or tablet computers with specially designed programs empowering physicians and parents to track the infant’s well-being and entire state in real-time. What most folks neglect to see is the fact that this technology isn’t science fiction, it is quite real and contains recently been accepted by the FDA for human use. As well as the more scary thing is that aside from storing and accumulating info that is private this small processor is going to have the capacity to do various other functions, without any one understanding its total capability.

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