Many experts claim that security services in different countries often engage in unlawful eavesdropping on the phones. If you want to find out if your phone is bugged, pay attention to this:

  1. The battery runs out quickly

This is one of the most classic sign that tells whether your phone is being hacked. Monitor the status of your battery and notice if your phone quickly drain its battery. Namely, if it usually keeps the battery for 2-3 days, and for some time falls in a day, it means that a certain thing is wrong… Think!

  1. The phone turns off slowly

In case your phone takes longer than usual to turn off, chances are you tapped. This is due to the fact that more time is needed to allow all programs to eavesdrop be excluded.

  1. In conversation you hear strange sounds

They may overhear you if during the conversation you perceive a strange noise or sounds.

  1. Distortion voice

It is possible that your conversation is being recorded in case you hear a robotic voice of the person you speak.

  1. The phone behaves strangely

Note the phone, even if is not in use, as there may be software installed eavesdropping. Those programs easily can be installed in phones, for instance by email.


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