Do you wake up every night at the same time? This is what it means

There are internal systems and clocks built in the body, helping us control our bodily functions. Also, it is worth mentioning that the physical and spiritual health shouldn’t be viewed separately, as they are closely related.

The patterns of energy placements to different areas of the body at different times hold special place in traditional Chinese medicine, which suggests that the body dedicates different energies to different organs within the 24 hour cycle.

Therefore, in case you wake up at the same time on a regular basis, it may indicate that some of your energy is getting obstructed, which in turn disrupts the natural balance. Most of these obstructions can be looked both physically and spiritually. Below you have a list of the times and organs they are associated with, which will help you identify the underlying cause of the symptoms you are experiencing.


9 pm To 11 pm

The period between 9 pm and 11 pm is the time when most people go to bed.  What you should know is that this is the time when the endocrine system restores its balance and the enzymes are refilling.

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