How To Clean Your Bathroom Easy. A Candle Is All You Need!

The most frustrating thing for all housewives is to see discoloration between tiles after the entire cleaning process. It seems that is impossible to get rid of the ugly brown disgusting marks.

 Luckily we have good news: there is a way to get those dirty looking crevices and make them white again. In order to perform this incredibly simple life hack you will need a candle.

First of all clean the tiles as you usually do and after that take a normal wax candle that you can find in any store. You need to press with the bottom end on one of the joints and rub the candle into it a few times back and forth. After few seconds you will notice that it’s already working. Then, rub the candle back and forth on the discolored areas. Very soon you will see how it is working.

You should pay special attention on the areas where it comes into contact with water. With this method, not only it will turn the tiles white, but it also will provide protective film so the dirty brown won’t come back.

With this incredible method you’ll never have to deal with the dirty lines again. Isn’t that brilliant?


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