How To Grow Your Own Blueberries

Did you know that blueberries can do wonders for your memory? Moreover, these berries can prevent memory loss.

The results of a 2012 study showed that a single serving of fresh blueberries per week can slow the cognitive decline. Another similar study conducted in 2013, involving lab mice, revealed that berries protect the brain, because they have the ability to clear toxic proteins that tend to accumulate in the brain.

But, that is not all! You can actually grow your own blueberries. Can it get better than this? We give you 6 easy steps on how to grow blueberries in your own garden.

  1. Choose a nice planting spot and prepare your soil

Blueberry bushes enjoy sun and proper drainage. Provide your bushes with well worked and weed-free soil. Give your blueberries enough water, as the plant grows best when exposed to constant moisture. So, you better have enough water on hand.

Improperly or partially drained soil will not give you the results you need. Try raised beds. If you do now own a garden or live in a small apartment, patio containers can be of great help for you.

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