Salt is chemical compound, it is mineral most commonly is used in the kitchen. Still, due to the fact that it is not toxic, people have used salt to clean and disinfect items in their homes. Besides that is highly helpful, salt is also extremely cheap solution.

Salt for Cleaning Car and House Windows

In order to clean the windows and get rid of stubborn stains, we recommend you to combine few tablespoons of salt and a gallon of warm water. With this mixture you can rub and clean the stained windows. This combination will make the windows to look as new and also this effect will last longer period of time. Note: you can use this mixture for cleaning the car windows.

Keep Ants at Bay

If you have issues with ants at your home and you want to keep them away from the food storage cabinets or windows, salt is the solution you need. It is recommended to place some salt on the window sills or any other surface they have attacked. The explanation is that salt lowers the levels of humidity in the home when applied like this.

Dry Clothes in Winter

By using salt in the final wash you can prevent shrinking of your clothes. This method is very helpful if you keep your clothes outside in the sun to dry. Additionally, your clothes will be soft and stainless.

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