The Young boy Passed away an Hour after Bathing. All Parents Need to See This

Sometimes we don’t care about this however when you spend a day at the swimming pool, it’s only regular that you would feel exhausted and sleepy, specifically if you are a child who’s been extremely active throughout the day. This is precisely why Cassandra Jackson didn’t think anything when her son told her he needed some sleep when he got home after investing the day at the swimming pool. Johnny, 10, went to sleep after the stressful day and his mom didn’t expect that anything was wrong with him. She went to examine on her child afterwards and was surprised at exactly what she saw.

The child had foam on his mouth and had troubles breathing. After taking him to the ER right away, the mother was told that exactly what happened was “Secondary Drowning” and it was a condition that resulted from swallowed water that can occur within 72 hours.

Though unusual, secondary drowning can be fatal if alerting symptoms are ignored. Anytime someone (children and grownups alike) inhales even a small gush of water (pool, lake or ocean) it can aggravate the lungs and trigger swelling. Normally little water exists in the lungs when secondary drowning occurs, however the percentage of liquid suffices to impede the lungs ability to supply oxygen to the blood stream.

If your kid has actually had a near drowning, or possibly swallowed too much water, keep a close eye out for the symptoms of secondary drowning and take them to the medical facility instantly. Symptoms can even take between one and 72 hours to appear.
Here’s what to look for:

Excess fatigue after bathing
Shortness of breath after bathing
Irritability or state of mind swings, for no apparent factor.
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