10 Dangerous Brain-Damaging Habits To Stop Immediately

The brain is one of the body’s largest and most important organs. It is the primary control centre for functions that takes place in your every day life, with loads of information and limitless responsibilities.

Surprisingly, the brain is also very delicate, and the World Health Organization recently released the  top 10 brain-damaging habits, which are prevalent among people today:

#1 No Breakfast

Breakfast is among the most significant meals of the day, and those who don’t eat breakfast usually have lower blood sugar levels.  There’s normally an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brains after a long night without food. If this is repeated regularly over a long time period, it can lead to brain degeneration.
#2 Overeating

Overeating can cause hardening of the brain arteries, which can in turn minimize mental power.
#3 Smoking

Among the numerous side effects of smoking, the most freaky one is that it causes  “multiple brain shrinkage”. It has also been associated with  Alzheimer’s disease, among other dementia-related complications.

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