3 Proven Exercises to Strengthen Your Eyesight

Bad vision is very big problem today. According to the statistics, almost 70% of the adults in the U.S. have problems with their vision. It resulted with rapid increase in the prescription of glasses and contacts. Also, there are many people who decided to do LASIK surgery.

But, surgeries and other medical interventions always come with risks. But you can improve your vision naturally.


The bigger part of the people don’t have inborn eyesight issues. The problems with eyesight usually appear throughout life. They are worse as we get older, but what is scarier is that the kids are getting glasses and vision aids at much younger age than before.

There are many factors that can affect our vision.


It looks like bad vision is epidemic, which is the main reason why the scientists are studying this problem that much. They have discovered that biggest causes for bad vision.

Environment: the environment is changing constantly, and it has far more toxins and harmful chemicals than the one your ancestors lived in. Your vision can be affected by these toxins very easily.

Visual stress: the modern technology which is used by everyone today can be very dangerous for your eyesight. Staring too much in your phone, television, tablet or lap top can be very harmful for your eyes.

Genetics: it is very possible that you will have problems with your vision if your parents have poor eye health.

Diet: The food that you eat is very important for the strength of your systems. If you don’t intake the required nutrients that support good vision, it could become weaker.


Natural treatments will be helpful for improving your vision and avoid the usage of unnatural vision aids such as contact lenses or glasses. You can try the following eye training exercises:

Switching between near and fat view: You probably have contact with some screen every day, looking at it from close or far distance. Training your eyes to look at close and far object is helpful. You can concentrate on some object which is very close to you for several minutes. Then, concentrate on something far away.
Figure eight: Because of the modern electronics your eyes are often fixed in one position for longer period of time. You can break up the stress in your eyes. With the help of your gaze you can form an imaginary figure eight, while keeping your head fixed.
Blinking: This is very simple. While concentrating on something you don’t blink enough. Blink more for some time in order to firm your eyes and allow them to heal.

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