4 Signs You May Have Kidney Disease!

In the case of an improper function of the kidneys, the toxins will not be filtrated and eliminated from the blood, and this will seriously damage the entire organism.

Due to that, it is very important that you know the common symptoms of kidney damage and thus prevent further complications of this kind.

One of the most common causes of kidney damage is cadmium, which is a heavy metal that pollutes the environment via incineration of municipal waste, as well as through oil and burned coils.

This heavy metal is also found in phosphate fertilizers which are often used for the growth of numerous plants we consume regularly. Furthermore, smokers inhale cadmium directly into the lungs.

These are the most common signs of kidney damage:

Urinary disorders

If the production of the urine by the kidneys is obstructed or reduced, the person might have foamy or pale urine, frequent need for night urination or more urine than normal.

This condition may also result in completely opposite symptoms, like dark urine, less urine than normal, difficulties urinating, a feeling of pressure while urinating, or bloody urine.

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