7 Types Of Foods That Prevent Acute Inflammation Naturally

Inflammation is a serious condition which can lead to a number of health issues.

Many experts claim that unhealthy diet can cause chronic inflammation which can block the proper function of the body and destroy body organs like kidneys, bones, skin, pancreas, intestines, and heart.

Elson Haas explain that almost all of the diseases of our century are caused by inflammation in the process when our body is attempting to heal itself. This is why it is highly recommended to eliminate high inflammatory foods from your diet.

How a diet can damage the body

Today, the busy lifestyle of the people is the reason why there is increased consumption of packaged and processed foods which have low nutrient value and are abundant with high-inflammatory ingredients including processed meats, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, sugar, starches and trans fats.

This kind of food prevents the response of the body to fat-regulating hormones, thus increasing the blood sugar levels. According to Barbara Rowe, the author of Anti- Inflammatory Foods for Health, the consumption of these foods leads to inflammation which is only a natural immune response against them.

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