Doctor’s Warning: Never Clean Your Child With Baby Wipes No Matter What

It seems that Baby wipes are necessity for every parent in this modern era. They can be extremely handy in numerous situations. They are effective, for everything!

They can be used for face, toys, and dirty hands. However, we have thought that they are completely safe to be used, but studies prove otherwise. A lot of parents should consider the possibility that their baby wipes that are using are not safe at all.


Doctors are suggesting that we need to stop using the baby wipes on our children. We actually expose them to certain risks by doing so and possibly endangering their skin.

In a special report, the NBC News noted that they are not safe to be used due to the presence of one ingredient (methylisothiazolinone). Therefore, children upon which baby wipes were used have irritated their skin and caused them rashes and red scaly skin.

A professor at the University of Connecticut – Department of dermatology and pediatrics (Medicine), Dr. Mary Wu Chang experimented on various children, and was intrigued by the results.

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