For This You Do Not Need Surgery: Get Rid Of Bunions Naturally By Using Only One Ingredient!

Bunions are salt deposits which can seriously affect your everyday life. There are many factors which can cause them such as gout, poor metabolism, uncomfortable shoes, rheumatic infections, influenza, improper nutrition, and tonsillitis.

They can be really problematic due to the fact that many people who suffer from bunions can’t find fitting footwear. And, also do not forget the unattractive appearance.

We present you an effective recipe which will help you to get rid of bunions:

At first you need to clean your body of salt deposits in the following way:

Pour 300ml (10oz) of water over a tablespoon of crushed bay leaves. Cook for 5 minutes and keep in a thermos during the night. In the morning, strain the liquid and consume small sips during the day. You must not drink it all at once.

This procedure should be repeated for 3 days. Every evening you need to prepare a fresh drink. Repeat the treatment after a week. You should know that you will have frequent urination, but do not worry, because this is normal.

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