Lemon and Baking Soda – Great Combination: 1,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy

With its numerous health benefits, lemon is definitely the healthiest fruit in the world.

We all know that lemon can be extremely effective in treating various health issues. It can reduce stress and anxiety, regulate blood pressure, treat fungal and bacterial infections, internal parasites and worms and it is considered as a potent antidepressant. But, did you know that lemon can be very beneficial in the case of cancer?

Due to the potent anti-cancer properties it possesses, lemon can provide significant effects in treating almost all types of cancer, and this is even confirmed by many studies.

One of the largest drug manufacturers claims that lemon has the ability to destroy carcinogenic cells of 12 types of cancers. It can prevent the spread of carcinogenic cells and has even 10,000 times stronger effects compared to chemotherapy, narcotic products, and drugs like Adriamycin.

Combined with baking soda, lemon can provide even better results since the baking soda can normalize the pH value of the body. This powerful combination can destroy carcinogenic cells without affecting your health.

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