Magnesium, NOT Calcium, Is the Key to Healthy Bones

Until now all of us, and probably you too, thought that calcium is the element most needed in order to have a healthy bone structure, right? Well it is very important but not the most important one out there.

Magnesium, and not calcium, may be the way to creating sound bones amid adolescence, as indicated by new research introduced at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) yearly group in the USA.

Take a Second Look at Calcium Claims

Calcium has been the king of healthy bones for a long time now. Age-old myths that calcium supplementation creates solid bones and teeth are strengthened in practically every foundation.

A 2004 research demonstrated that individuals with excess calcium in their coronary artery, who take statins, have a 17-fold higher danger of heart attacks than those with lower blood vessel calcium levels; scientists presumed that the two most authoritative pointers of heart attacks were LDL levels and calcium build-up.


A 2007 research demonstrated that calcium from dietary sources has better consequences for bone wellbeing than calcium from supplements in postmenopausal ladies (Am J Clin Nutr 2007).

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