Order These Tests IMMEDIATELY If You Show Any of These 68 Signs of Hypothyroidism

Both bipolar disorder and medication-resistant depression can be directly caused by thyroid resistance in the brain. As unbelievable as it seems, thyroid actually affects every single cell in the body.

Since the thyroid affects every cell in the body, the symptoms of low thyroid can be of any kind. This means that some cells get sufficient amount of the thyroid hormone while others are left deficient, which leads to tissue-specific hypothyroidism while the rest of the body is normal. This is the reason why some people suffer from severe depression without other symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Sometimes, you can have normal lab tests and still have an underactive thyroid gland. To help you find out whether you are having issues with your thyroid, we present you the most thorough list of signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism.


1.      Fatigue

2.      Swelling of eyelids

Emotional instability
4.      Lethargy
5.      Dry skin
6.      Choking sensation
7.      Low endurance
8.      Dry mucous membranes
9.      Fineness of hair
10.  Hair loss
11.  Slow speech
12.  Slow thinking
13.  Constipation
14.  Blueness of skin
15.  Paleness of lips
16.  Paleness of skin
17.  Dry, coarse, brittle hair
18.  Weight gain unexplainably
19.  Weight loss
20.  Swelling of face
21.  Dry, thick, scaling skin
22.  Poor memory
23.  Poor concentration
24.  Wasting of tongue
25.  Weakness
26.  Muscle pain
27.  Joint pain
28.  Insomnia
29.  Low sex drive
30.  Dizziness
31.  Impotence
32.  Dry ridges down nails
33.  Thick tongue
34.  Low motivation
35.  Painful menstruation
36.  Heavy menstrual bleeding
37.  Prolonged menstrual bleeding
38.  Sparse eyebrows
39.  Protrusion of one or both eyeballs
40.  Non-restful sleep
41.  Sensation of cold
42.  Cold skin
43.  Vague body aches & pains
44.  Decreased sweating
45.  Heat intolerance
46.  Rapid heart rate
47.  Pounding heart beat
48.  Obsessive thinking
49.  Hoarseness
50.  Anxiety
51.  Worrying
52.  Loss of appetite
53.  Depression
54.  Easy emotional upset
55.  Puffy skin
56.  Puffy face or eyelids
57.  Nervousness
58.  Poor vision
59.  Slow speech
60.  Slow thinking
61.  Swelling of ankles
62.  Swelling
63.  Numbness or tingling
64.  Brittle or thin nails
65.  Slow pulse rate
66.  Pain at front of chest
67.  Difficulty in swallowing
68.  Hearing loss

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