These are the first stomach cancer symptoms, check if you have any of them and how to treat it.


The stomach is an organ that is located in the upper part of the stomach and has a very important role: itmixes food and releases juices that help in its digestion.

The most common type of stomach cancer is adenocarcinoma, while other forms are less common likelymphoma, sarcoma and carcinoid.

Adenocarcinoma which occurs at the gland tissue of the stomach mucous membrane it one of the most common forms of cancer.

The overall five-year survival of patients withgastric cancer is approximately 30%.

The low percentage is due to a very late discoveryafter metastasis will spread to other organs. In patients in whom the cancer has not spread to otherorgans, the five-year survival is about 65%.

If surrounding tissues and local lymph nodes are affected, survival is 30%, and if, before diagnosis,the cancer has spread to other organs and body parts, five-year survival is 5%.

It should be emphasized that static data should betaken with caution, because the individual course of the disease can vary significantly.

Who can develop stomach cancer?

The risk of gastric cancer increases with age, mainlypeople older than 55 years. Men are twice as likely to develop stomach cancer than women.

Long-term infection with H.pylori bacteria that lives inthe mucous membrane is one of the primary causes of stomach cancer. The risk of cancer is higher in people who had or have in the family an affected relative of a rare genetic disorder that increases the risk of stomach cancer.

A diet high in salt, which includes dried, smoked and salty foods, pre-surgery (resection of the stomach), excessive smoking and drinking alcohol also increases the risk of gastric cancer.

Symptoms and diagnosis of stomach cancer!

The symptoms in the early stages are mainly absent. With progression of the disease discomfort andabdominal pain may appear, as well as nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, rapid saturation, vomitingblood or appearance of black stool and unexplained weight loss.

In diagnostics, the first approach is gastroscopy with biopsies. In assessing the advancement of the disease ultrasound and computed tomography is used, sometimes in combination with Positron Emission Tomography, Magnetic Resonance and something less often like laparoscopy – introduction of minicamera in the abdominal cavity.

Stomach cancer treatment

At the stage when the tumor is localized only on the interior wall of the stomach surgical treatment is applied, ie removing most of the stomach or the entire stomach to nearby lymph nodes.

In patients in whom the tumor penetrated through the wall of the stomach into the surrounding tissue andlymph nodes, besides surgical treatment chemo and radiotherapy (radiation) should be carried out.

I don’t like chemo nor surgery, is there any natural treatment?

There are few natural treatments that are proven to help in the treatment of stomach cancer.

One of them is Essiac tea, which was used by Canadian nurse Rene Caisse to successfully treat thousands of cancer patients from the 1920s until her death in 1978 at the age of ninety.

1. Pour one gallon of unchlorinated water into pot and bring to a boil.

2. Add 1/2 cup of dried Essiac tea herbs, cover and boil for 10 minutes (don’t boil it over). 

3. Set it aside on a room temperature and let it stay for 12 hours, or overnight.

4. Reheat the tea in the morning, but do not boil it twice.

5. Let the herbs to settle at the bottom of the pot and strain it nicely in glass jars or bottles.

6. Mix ½ cup of Essiac tea with ½ cup of water and take it sip by sip in the morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before breakfast, or before bedtime.

Another great natural remedy is Pau d’Arco tea.

1. Put 2 cups of bark into 4 cups of boiling water.

2. Let the bark sit in the boiling water for 20 minutes.

3. Remove from heat and let it cool for at least 1 hour.

4. Strain the water.

5. Drink tea in small portions throughout the day.

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