U.S Author Shocked the World! He Says Cancer Can Be Eliminated In 3 Minutes! Must See This!

I had a close relative that passed away from cancer…

When I first read the subtitle of the video, I was skeptic, as you are in this moment. I was even furious, prepared to comment on the Youtube channel, but I said to myself – give this click-bait a chance…

It turns out, everything I believed in was in this video, and I am really glad I stumbled upon this guy:Gregg Braden.


It is mentioned hundred times before, but I’ll write it again “our body reacts to our thoughts”

Gregg Braden, an American author who is noted for his cancer treating theories, claims that our emotions have a great influence on our DNA.

According to Mr. Braden, certain thoughts, such as suggestion and prayer, can help you to cure any type of physical disease, including cancer.


Your thoughts and emotions can create strong electromagnetic fields which waves can reach up to 1 meter in your body. This applies to your focused, or collective, thoughts which have an impact on the environment, as opposed to the mixed up thoughts about what you see and feel.

Once established, this technique is turned into serious technology which is effective in treating different conditions.

A real proof of the effectiveness of this technology is recorded in a Chinese hospital, which presents a complete elimination of cancer with a size of 3×2.5cm in only 3 minutes.

The process is shown on an ultrasound screen. In order to produce powerful electromagnetic radiation, one has to learn how to control their feelings and emotions, as well as to improve them with practice.


Your thoughts and emotions are like mirrors. Everything you do is reflected in the environment, and you receive the same thing you have in yourself.

For instance, if you say that you will be cured of a disease, the mirror will respond you whether the thing will come true. However, if you feel that something is happening and that you are changing, there will be an occurrence of an alteration in your DNA, and you will actually change yourself.

According to the scientists, your faith and emotions are neither associated nor connected to your life and to the development and treatment of a disease.

However, the psycho-oncology believes in the contrary. Your thoughts, faith, feelings, and emotions have an ability to control everything that is happening in your life. Your emotions also have an ability to alter your DNA.

Source : mycentralhealth.com

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