WARNING : Put an Apple in Boiling Water, If This Appears, They are Cancerous!


Apples are one of the most popular fruit in the world that you can buy all year round. They have great flavor and are very healthy. But even though it seems impossible, but you have to be very careful and check whether they are cancerous before you eat them.

 It’s hard to see with the naked eye, but a large number of manufacturers and retailers lubricate apples with wax to keep them fresh longer. The wax is used to protect the apples, but it can also cause cancer.Therefore, you can easily check whether you are buying apples coated with wax or not. Take a bowl and pour boiling water into it, then add a little baking soda and squeeze a lemon into the water. If the apples are covered with wax, it will begin to fall off when you put them in a bowl of hot water.You can use a toothbrush to remove the wax.

Source : newremedies.net

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