The Things You Can Do With Lemon Peels And Juice

Lemons have always been regarded as valuable fruits, since they are beneficial and useful in everyone’s home. They have been grown since the 16th century in Florida, after being brought to the New World by Christopher Columbus. With their high vitamin C content, lemons, as well as limes, were valued to protect against the development of scurvy.

They were even paid up to $1 per lemon during the California Gold Rush, when they were in high demand. This would still be considered pricey today, which means that it was extremely expensive during the 1800 s.

A reason enough for keeping a steady supply of lemons on hand is the vitamin C content alone. However, these bright citrus fruits also contain additional antioxidants, known as flavonoids, which play a beneficial role in fighting heart disease, cancer, and inflammation.

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry published an article which claims that:

“The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Citrus flavonoids can play a key role in their activity against several degenerative diseases and particularly brain diseases.”

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