10 Reasons Why You Should Consume Apple Cider Vinegar Every Morning !

After reading this you will start consuming apple cider vinegar every morning. We have all heard about the benefits from apple cider vinegar, the thing you probably did not know is that consuming only 1 tablespoon of it in the morning before breakfast can be highly beneficial and can help you improve you overall health. Your body will get the needed nutrients and vitamins and you can also lose weight much easier and faster.

  – Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consume apple cider vinegar every morning:

1. It is rich in potassium

Our bodies need potassium because of the growth, proper build of muscles, transmission of nerve impulses and normal heart activity.

 2. It prevents many diseases

The vinegar has antiviral properties that break up the mucus in the body and can also help in reducing some allergies.

 3. It helps regulate your blood pressure and blood sugar

Apple cider vinegar can help increase your insulin concentration and can help in reducing blood sugar and blood pressure.

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