A Simple Shampoo With Which Your Hair Will Grow Like Crazy, and BesidesThat, Everyone Will Envy at its Splendor, Volume and Elasticity

The hair is a symbol of femininity and beauty around the world, but unfortunately, due to: frequent hair treatment with chemicals, heat, binding, and inadequate care, the hair breaks, becomes dry, thin or damaged. All these factors, with the daily stress and changes in the organism cause increased hair loss.

In order to alleviate the hair loss and contribute to its beauty we recommend this shampoo. Is easy to prepare, and is 100% efficient. After several washings of the hair you will notice the first results, your hair will be stronger, fluttery and after only two months of the regular application you will notice new hair which will cause increased volume.

– one shampoo of nettle
– drops of nettle 30 ml (one bottle)
– panthenol 100 ml (aqueous solution)
– AD drops, 30 ml of aqueous solution (one bottle)
– two vials of vitamin B
– castor oil 50ml

In 750 ml of shampoo of nettle, mix the whole bottle of the panthenol (100 ml), the whole bottle of nettle drops (30ml), the whole bottle of AD drops and the castor oil.

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