You’ll be amazed by all the health benefits of castor oil and baking soda.

Old folk remedies are the best because they are used for centuries and their application has been refinedto perfection! And a proper use of castor oil and baking soda can treat more than 25 health problems.

This natural remedy has many positive effects on health, and its application is unlimited. Holistic medicineoften recommends castor oil for the treatment of many diseases, which are resistant to traditionaltherapies.

Dr. William A. McGarey described the success in treating a variety of symptoms with castor oil:

1. Allergies will disappear if you drink five drops ofcastor oil every morning.

2. Wounds, cuts and bruises heal quickly whentreated with castor oil.

3. Massaging the stomach with castor oil last two months of pregnancy prevents stretch marks.

4. A strain ankle heals quickly if you wrap a coating of castor oil and leave to act overnight.

5. Improve hearing with dropping a few drops ofcastor oil in the ear.

6. Cataracts can be cured by dropping one drop ofcastor oil every night before bed.

7. Eliminate pilonidal cyst with application of castoroil.

8. Dark spots on the face can be removed with a mixture of castor oil and baking soda.

9. Alleviate eye allergies by rubbing a castor oil on the eyelid before bedtime.

10. Alleviate the lower back pain with coatingssoaked in castor oil at least once a week.

11. Alleviate chronic diarrhea with the use of castor oil coatings on the stomach.

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