She Put Potato Water On Her Hair And Solved One Of The Biggest Problems That Women Struggle With!

Silver, salt and pepper, charcoal, pewter. Whatever you call it these days, gray hair appears to all of us at some period of time. Nowadays, there are many people that are in their 20s and have and their hair go gray, while others do not see the first signs of silver until the age of 50? If you are going gray really early, what is your option?

The graying process, by itself, doesn’t mean that you have medical problems, except in exceptional cases.

Contrary to some popular belief, the stress hasn’t been shown to cause a gray hair. Most of the scientists do not know exactly why particular people go gray earlier, but the genes play a large role.

Also, a deficiency of vitamin B-12 or problems with the thyroid gland or pituitary can cause a premature graying, which is reversible if this problem is corrected.

Our hair has just 2 types of pigments: light (phaeomelanin) and dark (eumelanin). They blend together in order to make up a wide range of hair colors.

With age comes a melanin reduction. Then, the hair starts to turn gray and eventually white.

Gray hair usually makes the women sad as it’s a sign that they get older. Dying the hair is one of the solutions, but here is a new treatment that is quite unusual and can help with this issue. So, be brave and try this amazing method instead of going to a hairdresser and spend a lot of money.

You may find this pretty strange, but it’s really effective.

In order to prepare the superb recipe you will need some potato peels that should be put into a water and cooked for about 30 minutes. After that, you should remove the peels, take your tint/dye brush and put the brown potato water on your hair.

For better results, you should repeat the process for several times.

And here is a video you can watch that will help you with the procedure.

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