Top 10 Homemade Remedies to Get Rid of Sciatic Nerve Pain Quickly!

The pain triggered by compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve is known as sciatica.

Even though it affects just one body part, it can be severe and debilitating, starting from the lower back to the back of the leg.

The other symptoms that can be experienced are weakness and numbness down the affected leg and toes, tingling or burning sensation in the leg, shooting pain that triggers difficulty sitting down or standing up.

In fact, the most common cause of sciatica is a slipped or herniated disc, but it can also be caused by spinal injury or infection, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, piriformis syndrome, isthmic spondylolisthesis, and pregnancy.

Today, there are a variety of conventional treatments for this condition, but most of them just temporarily alleviate the pain. What’s more, most of the steroid injections can contribute to severe side effects.

But, you can decrease the irritated sciatic nerve pressure and inflammation thanks to some natural therapies and homemade remedies, and the problem will most probably disappear within six weeks.

10 homemade remedies for alleviation of the painful sciatica:

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