Wrapped Ginger – Treats Bad Cough And Removes Mucus From The Lungs In Just One Night, Especially Good For Kids! | Recipes For Every Occasion

Cough and cold are minor illnesses, but they are quite irritating and boring. Coughing makes us unable to concentrate, and it is a nuisance for the people around us. However difficult and unpleasant experience it is, it is still tolerable during the day. You will agree that this is a completely different experience at night, especially if it is keeping us up after a hard day at work. Children in particular suffer from cold and flu because their immunity is not strong enough to fight the virus.

You would think that the cough syrup is the perfect solution, but most of cough syrup only suppresses the transmission of signals in the brain that causes coughing. They typically include codeine and dextromethorphan; the two main ingredients that help us sleep, and cause side effects such as drowsiness, headache, and rapid heart activity.

We would recommend that you try this natural homemade wrap.

What are Honey Wraps?

Honey is often used as a home remedy for treatment of various problems, ranging from dry skin to detoxification of the body. Another idea is to use honey for treating coughs. It will also help to dislodge mucus from the lungs. This treatment can be used for children as well as adults.

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