Toes Say a Lot About Your Future, and Personality: See How the Length Determines Whether You’ll be Rich and Happy!

This test will help you find out a lot about you as a person ad your future. Did you know that your toes can tell you a lot about your health and your personality? According to some studies, the length and shape of your toes says a lot about you as a person. So, keep reading!


  • Big Toe:

If your big toe is much longer than your other toes, you are a clever, creative person. You come up with ingenious solutions to problems.  You can see things from different angles and are never stumped for ideas. On the downside, you may have problems focusing and sometimes don’t see projects through.

Your big toe being comparatively small is an indication that you are a superb multi-tasker. You use your charm to persuade people to go along with your ideas, can delegate effectively, you are very efficient.

  • Second Toe:

The longer your second toe is, the more prominent your features and leadership qualities are. You are dynamic and resourceful person, with a strong desire and initiative to do it the way that you feel is best, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Legend says that the mothers in India forbade their sons to marry girls whose second toe was too long, since they are considered to be too bossy.

Shorter second finger does not mean that you do not know how to stand up for yourself, but that you calmly and coolly weigh all pros and cons, waiting for the perfect opportunity to act.

  • Third Toe:

If your third toe is comparatively long, it means you are incredibly energetic and resourceful, especially at work. The longer this toe is, the more you are driven to succeed in your career. The Chinese associate energy, drive, and willpower with the third toe. You’re a perfectionist and can achieve huge amounts with your determination and energy. The drawback is a tendency to let work take over and to forget about fun, love and family. If the toe is short, you enjoy the pleasures in life. You love relaxing and don’t get worked up about anything. Others may accuse you of being lazy, but you would argue that life is short, so enjoy it.

  • Fourth Toe:

Long and straight fourth finger means the person to whom the family is the most important thing in life. Dissatisfaction in relationships (friendship, family, and love) with people you care about will show up in a curling of this toe. You are a superb listener and nurturer, but will be deeply affected by unhappiness within the family. You find it hard to cut yourself off from other people’s problems.

The Chinese would say that you’re a gentle soul, easily wounded. If your toes are clawed you need to try to let go, relax, and don’t take on all the burdens of others. Your health might be affected by any disturbances in the home. A short fourth toe means that family and relationships are less crucial to you — your focus is elsewhere.

  • Little Toe:

Childlike impishness is a characteristic of those with small little toes. You’ll shy away from responsibility, be easily bored and constantly looking for amusing diversions. You are great fun to be with, sociable and witty, — but we all have to grow up sometime. And if you can wiggle your little toe separately from your fourth toe, you are an impulsive, adventurous, charming flirt. If you can’t, you value routine, predictability, and loyalty.

  • What do the arches of your feet say about you:

People who are very independent and self-sufficient have high arches. You need plenty of time on your own and might even be accused of being anti-social. You have an indomitable spirit, but remember, it isn’t a weakness to ask for help. According to the Chinese philosophy, those with very high arches can come across as being brittle and rigid. If your arches are low or average, you value the company of others, are sociable and fairly extrovert. You enjoy having a good time and want to ensure that others do, too.

  • Wide feet:

If you have wide feet it means that you’re always on the go and can’t sit still for a minute. Let yourself stop and think. You’re happiest when you’re busy, but should try to make time for reflection, and a little peace and calm in your life. There’s a difference between idle day-dreaming and gentle reflection.

  • Toes that neatly graduate in size:

If each toe is a little longer than the one before, creating a neat line, this indicates a methodical, precise, and extremely practical person. You’re interested in detail and ensure that you always finish what you start. You’re a dream employee, and a good friend — loyal and steadfast to a fault. Watch out for a tendency to nitpick, though — not everyone is as balanced as you.

  • Long narrow feet:

This means you were born to be waited on, but spare a thought for the rest of us! You like nothing better than to be pampered. You find it incredibly easy to delegate — why bother with all the hard work if you can get someone else to do it for you? You’ve got a strong aesthetic sense and need beauty in your surroundings.

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